Amara™ View Full Face Mask



Minimal contact full face mask with an innovative design that prevents red marks, discomfort or skin irritation.

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Silicone or Gel Cushion Options for a Comfortable Fit and Seal
Available in four sizes with your choice of a silicone or gel cushion, the Amara™ Full Face Mask provides a stable and exceptional seal without the use of a crown strap. The silicone cushion has a traditional seal with added stability from the inner wall design while the Amara gel cushion offers a comfortable and contoured fit.

Easily Adjust Your Forehead Support With the Fine-Glide Button
Easily adjust your forehead support in small increments with the Fine-Glide Button, which helps you find the fit perfect for you. The included forehead pad helps maintain your seal and reduces the possibility of skin irritation with lightweight material.

Magnetic Clips to Hold Your Fit
Need to get away from your CPAP therapy? The Amara frame has built-in quick-release tabs on either side of the elbow to help you quickly disconnect from your CPAP machine, and magnetic headgear clips to hold the fit while you’re away.

Micro Exhalation Ports for a Quiet Night
The Amara™ Full Face Mask has numerous tiny ports along the mask for quieter operation, resulting in fewer disruptions to you and your partner.

Multiple Headgear, Frame, and Cushion Sizes Ensure a Custom Fit
The petite and small-sized masks include the reduced size headgear while the medium and large masks come with the original size headgear. Both the reduced size and regular size frame fit any Amara™ Full Face silicone or gel cushion.

What’s Included:

  • Mask
  • Headgear


Innovative design
Amara View’s innovative design prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation on the nose bridge.¹ It’s easy to wear glasses, read, or watch TV without a bulky frame or cushion in front of the face and eyes.

Convenient magnetic clips
Magnetic clips make attaching or reattaching headgear before bed or in the middle of the night easy and fast. Availability of magnetic clips varies. Contact your local Philips customer service department for availability.

Easy to use
One modular frame for all cushion sizes.

Wide field of vision
Amara View covers less of the patient’s face and has a wider field of vision than the Resmed AirFit F20 or the Fisher & Paykel Simplus. It’s also smaller and lighter (Note: excludes Amara View’s quick release tube)

  • Interchangeable Cushions
  • Fine-Glide Button for Easy Adjustments
  • Magnetic Headgear Clips and Quick Release Tabs
  • Micro Exhalation Ports for a Quiet Night
  • Multiple Headgear, Frame, and Cushion Sizes


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