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Updated RollFit Cushion Prevents Leaks and Offers Comfort Without Compromise
The adaptive design of the RollFit seal on the Eson 2 Nasal mask helps prevent nasal sores and provides greater seal stability. Even if you change sleep positions during CPAP therapy, the mask and frame will remain secure thanks to the silicone seal that accommodates various facial structures.
The cushion’s supportive silicone seal ensures your comfort isn’t affected, either, and whether you wear a small, medium, or large cushion, it fits the frame of the mask perfectly.

Fibrous Fabric Serves to Quiet Your Therapy Air-and It’s Eco-Friendly, Too
Eco-friendly fibrous fabric and a small diffuser at the top of the mask elbow help quiet your device as air releases from the mask, giving you and your partner a better night of sleep.

Maintain Your Headgear Fit With Quick-Release Clips
Enjoy more fitting options with the intuitive headgear that features adjustable straps and multiple adjustment points. The forehead strap and mask frame attach to four headgear points around the face to sustain a precise fit while the crown strap can be adjusted to prevent the headgear from sliding around. Your mask will keep its fit in the event of an overnight restroom break, too. Use the two headgear clips at the base of the frame to easily unhook your CPAP mask and preserve your fit for an effective seal.

Flexibility to Unwind Before Bed and Move Around as You Sleep
Though the original Eson was already one of the more slim options on the market, the Eson 2 covers even less surface, giving you an open view to read or watch TV before bed if you want to. Plus, the Eson nasal mask features a full-motion elbow that can prevent mask drag with its ability to move 360 degrees, letting you comfortably switch sleeping positions as you rest.

Easy Mask Assembly with Highlighted Pieces
The F&P Eson 2 CPAP mask features connection points with VisiBlue highlights for quicker mask assembly and more approachable sleep apnea therapy.

Stability Feature Adds Extra Leak Prevention
The Eson 2 features a forehead stability bar that anchors the mask and permits enough movement that lets you change sleeping positions without triggering leaks.

What’s Included:

  • Mask
  • Headgear

All products purchased come with a manufactures standard warranty.


  • RollFit Cushion
  • Eco-Friendly Fabric for Quieter Design
  • Quick-Release Headgear Clips
  • 360-Degree Elbow and Minimal Frame
  • VisiBlue Highlights for Easy Assembly
  • Stability Feature for Extra Leak Protection


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