Oracle 452 Oral Interface Mask



A unique mask which delivers CPAP therapy through the mouth only. It features diffused exhalation, an adjustment dial, and single strap headgear.

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Improved Design Offers More Comfortable Fit.

To wear the Oracle HC452, place the SoftSeal mouthpiece behind your lips and in front of your teeth. An outside flap fits to your mouthpiece and folds over your lips to provide a secure and stable fit while the included nasal plugs shut off the nostrils for greater effectiveness. The previous design rested directly on your tongue, so many CPAP wearers find the switch more comfortable.

Rotating Adjustment Dial Provides Better Stability.

New to the Paykel Healthcare Oracle line, a rotating adjustment dial on the Oracle Mask allows you to change the space between the SnapFlap Cover and the SoftSeal mouthpiece for enhanced comfort and stability.

Freedom to Move With the Single-Strap Easy-Release Headgear.

A strap around the back of your head and a swivel in the front of the Oracle HC452 offer stability and the freedom to change sleep positions during CPAP therapy. Enjoy set-it-and-forget-it single strap headgear, making ongoing adjustments a thing of the past. To remove your headgear-without impacting your fit-simply pull the Easy Release cord to disconnect from your CPAP machine at a moment’s notice.

Say Goodnight to Excess Noise With the Sound-Reducing Filter.

Equipped with five filters, the Oracle oral mask uses an exhalation vent on the silicone seal mouthpiece with a series of small holes and a filter to help reduce noise.

What’s Included:
Nose Plugs
5 Diffuser Filters


  • Improved Design for More Comfortable Fit
  • Rotating Adjustment Dial
  • Single-Strap Easy-Release Headgear
  • Sound-Reducing Filter
  • Clear Line of Sight


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