Vitera Full Face Mask



Vitera features breathable fabric that allows more air flow and more moisture transfer than the material used in our leading range of full face masks.

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Flexible Cushion Provides Freedom to Enjoy Favorite Sleeping Position
Sleeping on your stomach or side in a full face mask can sometimes cause leaks and interrupt your therapy. The Vitera features a flexible, Rollfit XT cushion with unique technologies that allow the user to move through different sleeping positions without compromising the Simplus RollFit Seal. The Simplus RollFit XT seal shape is ideal for different face shapes and making sure you don’t get a mask leak from moving around in the night.

Forehead Support Enhances Stability
A low-profile stability bar anchors the cushion in place with a unique forehead clip, offering extra stability with reduced pressure and a secure fit for more successful CPAP therapy.

Sleep Cooler with VentiCool Technology
Stay cool while you sleep with Fisher & Paykel’s mesh-patterned elastic VentiCool headgear. The proprietary breathable fabric lets air easily pass through and increases moisture transfer, preventing you from getting too warm throughout the night.

Robust Mask Can Handle a Range of Pressure Settings
Frequently use high-pressure settings in your therapy? You’ll need a mask that can keep up. The Vitera’s design can handle pressure settings ranging from four to 30 to match your needs and ensure you get nothing short of effective therapy and a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Find Your Perfect Fit in the Comforts of Home
Your original Vitera Fit Pack order includes cushions in all sizes so you can try each one on and determine the best fit for your new mask.
Fisher & Paykel masks do not use any latex. The cushions are typically made of silicone, while the frame is usually a plastic polycarbonate and the headgear is typically made out of a lycra blend. These masks are designed to be hypoallergenic and not impact a person’s allergies.

What’s Included:

  • Mask
  • Headgear
  • Headgear Clips
  • Tubing Elbow
  • Swivel

All products purchased come with a manufactures standard warranty.


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  • Flexible RollFit XT Cushion for Ultimate Comfort
  • Forehead Support Enhances Stability
  • VentiCool Headgear for More Moisture Transfer
  • Robust Mask Can Handle a Range of Pressure Settings
  • Find Your Perfect Fit in the Comforts of Home


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